In February, I spent some days in Paris, with Mum and Dad Who Doesn't Want To Be Called So.
In this picture you can see me in front of the Opera theatre: is where the famous phantom lives!!!

Paris is a magic city: baloons can grow on the trees!!!
Me & mum in front of the Louvre museum.It wasn't so much fun for me in there: I had to stay hours and hours inside a bag!!!

But I could act like a real tourist in Versailles. I wanted a picture by the royal palace: it might be mine, one day...

Here I am in the glasses room: it's where the queen (and Lady Oscar as well) had their great balls!

Me on the "galerie des Chiméres", up on the tower of Notre Dame. Daddy said there was one more monster while we where there, but I could't understand what he meant...

Me posing with the the Sacré-coeurin Montmartre.
Couldn't find Amélie, though ...
Me by the colorful fountain close to the Centre Pompidou. I had a wonderful holyday!!!

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