My week end in Verona

Last April, my Mum and my Dad Who Doesn't Want To Be Called So took me to Verona! Daddy was pretending not to be happy about that, and I must admit he's quite a good actor...

It's a very romantic city: Juliet and Romeo lived there!
Here I am, by the river Adige: it was such a sunny day!
Mummy wanted to visit Juliet's tomb. Juliet was a girl who pretended to be dead, but she wasn't dead for real; but her boyfriend Romeo didn't know thas she was joking and he thought that she was really dead and he killed himself.... Ok, I know it's a bit confusing... It was hard for me to understand: maybe 'cause I'm too young and 'cause I'm a boy. But I DO know that girls do strange things!!!

In this picture I'm with William Shakespeare, the gentleman who made the story of Juliet and Romeo famous in all over the world.
And here I wanted to scare my mum:
Boooo!!! I'm a Zombie!!!
Here I am inside the chapel where Juliet was buried. I'm the small orange&brown thing inside that kind of ancient window.
My mum also wanted to visit the house where Juliet lived. She wanted a picture of herself acting like Juliet, on the famous balcony. By Juliet's house there is a courtyard were people in love write their messages on the walls. My mum would complain if I did it home and I agree: I don't think it's nice ruining an ancient wall with all those ugly writings. I wanted a picture close to the warning written in the white sheet: Please don't write on the machines (!!!)
We also visited a museum full of ancient toys!
Wooden horses, old children books, dolls...

... Hei, look at this one!
Isn't she scary?

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